Real Estate Investing Resources in [market_city]

If you???re starting out investment properties and doing your research, then you have come to the right place. It is always good to do your complete research beforehand so you won???t be deceived by anyone.

We have some great sources that we use from time to time. You too can utilize the real estate investing resources in the [market-city] that we have collected for the investors here. And the best part is that most of these sites are completely free!

Here are a few sites you can visit for some great investment properties:

  1. Zillow

For the best and biggest real estate website, you need to look at Zillow. It has a reputation for building some very useful data on real estate wealth. As their CEO of Zillow, Spencer Rascoff said, their company???s best asset was their ???living database of all homes???.

Their Zestimate tool is off but you can still use the information they provide online to analyze and evaluate the market for yourself. To really understand the market, you need to go through even the smallest of details of each property sold in your target neighborhood. Zillow can provide you with those details. Try to understand why the seller and buyer settled on the price they did for each property. This way you will really understand what the requirements of each party are.

Getting to know your market is the top priority for any investor and Zillow is a great tool for that.

Craigslist Wholesale Houses Florida Investing Resources

  1. Craiglist

This is another popular site that has a huge number of deals. Because of the high traffic on the website you will find some terrible ads for some amazing properties. This means you really have to look through the website for the best property.


  1. LoopNet

LoopNet is the best option for those working in commercial real estate investment. This is where most of the commercial properties are listed which means you can find some great deals here. But the competition here is extremely tough so it is only recommended for Grade – A investors with the best brokers. However, this is an excellent place for newcomers to look the commercial market in [market-city]. You can learn a lot so start looking at where the on-sale properties close.



As the name suggests, is a big clearinghouse of auctions, where you can find the sale of almost every type of property, like foreclosure, new construction etc. The [market-city] auction is a great place for you to learn from. You can make some contacts there and you might even end up meeting your future business partner!

  1. is the largest website to search the multiple listing services (MLS). However, this can also cause confusion and the data doesn???t always seem consistent. But as the largest MLS search place, you can get search alerts for some great listings. There are other tools as well that will notify you when a broker in your target area ads a listing. This is a great website for starting out but if you really want to invest seriously, then forms a good relationship with an actual realtor as well.


One big mistake that a lot of investors make is that they overlook First of all, Walkscore can give you some serious information about any given address. You can find out how a potential buyer or renter will evaluate this ??? based on factors like what is nearby and how long it takes to access.

You can also find areas that have underpriced for their amenities. An area with a high walkscore and low price has a good chance of rising in prices in the next few years. Which means you can buy the property while it???s still cheap! Obviously there are exceptions because access and walkability is a key factor in [market-city] investment. But this is where you need to apply your skills as an investor.

As an investor, you really need to understand the [market-city] area market using these tools. Once you understand the market, only then spend on a property.

Feel free to give us a call anytime ??? we love to work with other investors and on great terms!

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