What Insurance Should I have for my Rental Property in Palm Beach?

Checklist: What Insurance Should I have for my Rental Property in Palm Beach?

What Insurance Should I have for my Rental Property in Palm Beach? Compared to the investment in Wall Street stocks, real estate market is different. Stocks are a paper asset and they are speculative . Without affecting the financial instrument itself, stocks can go up and down since they are stored electronically these days. On the other hand real estate can provide you with steady cash flow if they are managed properly. They are real assets which means anything could happen to your physical estate.

Although, cash flowing in seems favorable, but you have to protect your real asset and that is where insurance plays an integral part. Insurance acts like a reset button which can help you to recover financial losses. Most of the people who are investing in real estate often wonder about the type of insurance they should have for their rental property in [market_city].

Although, there are many insurance products that can benefit your but the main ones are discussed below.

Property Insurance:

This type of insurance is present to protect the landlord financially in the case of natural disasters that could damage their property. Different Insurance companies provide different policies, but generally your property insurance covers for wind damage, fire and lightening. However, if you reside in an area that are prone to certain types of natural disasters such as floods, then you may need to get and additional rider for that special situation.

Liability Insurance

This type of insurance protects you from the financial burden of a lawsuit that might be filed against you by your tenant. For example, liability insurance can come handy in case your tenant or visitor gets injured on your property and they may sue you for their loss of employment income and medical bills.

Tenant Insurance

This insurance is not what you should buy, rather you should convince your tenant to get it for themselves. This type of insurance helps the tenants to cover any financial loss of their belongings on your property.

As a landlord, you can choose to buy the insurance individually or you can look for insurance companies that provides landlord insurance packages for your convenience.

How these Insurances Work?

For example, in the case a fire starts, the property insurance that you have bought will cover the repairs of the property. You liability insurance on the other hand will cover you if the tenant decides to sue you and finally the tenant insurance will cover all the damages that occurred to the belongings of the tenant.

Get the Insurance you need

There are a wide variety of insurance policies available to cover different losses. You can buy insurance for your business that can help you to cover the bills if there is a loss of income due to injury. However, you have to determine your insurance needs which are different for every situation. Here we have discussed there basic insurance but you can always talk to an insurance professional who will help you to access your needs based on your individual situation.

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