Earn Your Investment Property Tax Deductions

Earn Your Investment Property Tax DeductionsEarn Your Investment Property Tax Deductions

Are you an interested in purchasing an investment property in [market_city]? Do you know that you can earn investment property tax deduction of your property?

The United States law provides an opportunity to earn living purchasing investment properties for the investors in real estates. However, the income earned will be taxable.

Many investors ignore tax deductions and their trickle down impact. We are here to highlight all the benefits to you.

Sources of revenue which you can possibly remove

  • Upkeep and maintenance costs paid by rental occupants are included in income. Some repairs are dealt by the tenant on their own. You can avoid that in your list.
  • Sometimes, the tenants will exchange repairs and renovation with a bargain of rent. These administrative changes can be avoided but on fair market terms considering income to be significant enough.

Security deposits

A security deposit is a guarantee or a protection that a tenant takes at the time of agreement. This income is not taxable and is aimed to be returned after the completion of the lease. But in case of any damage the amount is taken as a pay and counted as income to overcome the losses. These repairs are deductible expenses.

Proper account management and book keeping need to be done, especially in the security deposit account to avoid extra income tax or tax on payback amount.

Other Related Tax Deductions

  • Mortgage property, whole or segment, directly related to interest is tax deductible
  • Travel expenses related to property renovations or rent collection are work expenses and subject to tax deductible.
  • Taxes, Insurance premium, filing cost of tax returns, maintenance of garden, Theft or Natural disaster losses and legal services are all deductible expenses, that owner enjoys.
  • Depreciation of the property value is tax deductible
  • Office setup in your home, for business purpose, generates tax deductibles if they meet the basic criteria.

These are only few tax obligations. You can explore more through your financial/ accounts advisor.

By exploiting all relevant tax deductions, Investment property proprietors can expand their income and decrease their tax burden, and expanding scope of ownership to more properties. Get in touch with your advisors to get latest news and procedures about tax deductions laws in your [market_city] and incentives for investment property owners.

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