Buying a Cheap House

Buying a Cheap HouseFor most people, buying a house is a once in a lifetime purchase. So you want to make sure that you have best house at the best price. No one wants to spend all their savings on their house either. Everyone has a budget and you want a cheap house that fits your requirements and your budget. So here are a few tips that will help you find your cheap house, at a cheaper price.

Sort by price

Buying a Cheap HouseWhen people search for houses online on sites like or, the search engine is set at ???most expensive??? by default. This is something that many people are not aware of. So set the filter to ???cheapest first??? and you will see a list of houses, starting at the lowest price then going up. Also, if you expand your search to a larger area, you will be able to see the neighborhoods with the lowest prices.

Look at as many as possible

Buying a Cheap HousePersistence and patience are important when searching for a house. You need to go to as many open houses as possible and make an appointment with your real estate agent to look at as many houses as possible. This was way you will have more insight into what is good or bad and what you really want in your house. Don???t expect to buy the first cheap house you see. If you want a good deal, then make an offer on as many as you can. Many of the offers will fall through, but chances are that one of the sellers will accept the price you???ve made.

Contemplate buying a fixer

Buying a Cheap House???Fixers??? are houses that need a lot of work but that are also why they???re cheap houses. You will get a great deal and you will be able to fix the house up as you wish. Have it looked over by a professional home inspector to avoid any unpleasant surprises later. Avoid houses where the problems are too huge and costly for you to fix.

???Sale by Owners???

Buying a Cheap HouseSome people, instead of hiring of hiring real estate agents, just hang a board ???For Sale??? signs outside their houses. Some of them don???t even know the real value of their house which could translate into a cheap but great house for you. You can also checkout Craigslist for such cheap house sales.


Buying a Cheap HouseLearn how to negotiate like a pro. It???s not everyone???s cup of tea but it is a very important skill that you will just have to learn. Don???t just assume that they will sell the house at a fixed price. There is always a little wiggle room and you need to do your best to get them to lower the price as much possible. You can always pretend to walk away and that might cause them to consider your price!

Don???t just rely on your agent to find you your house. Do your research and persist; it will pay off!