Top 10 Places to Buy Investment Property in Florida

When it comes to buying a property for the purpose of investment in the land of sand and snowbirds, a good speculation and careful decision must be taken. Every American dreams to own a property in Florida ever since the real estate boom was observed in this sunshine state. Let us explore the top ten places that are ideal for the real estate investment in the state of Florida.

1.???????? Doral

This area has a healthy growth of the population, low unemployment rate and most importantly, it is near to the airport. Doral tops this list because this city has witnessed an influx of new properties and major companies moving their headquarters to this side of the state.

2.???????? Cape Coral

Cape Coral is ideal for investment because its residents are considering developments to further increase the value of the property. Also, this is the largest city of Florida and it has an average sale price of just $96 per square foot.

3.???????? Bal Harbour

Although Bal Harbour is an expensive place to invest with an average $340 per square foot, but it is popular among the investors because it scored 8.66 on the scale for speed of sale.

4.???????? Homestead

Homestead is a good place to invest in real estate because in the past 10 years the value of houses has increased by 56%. However, the city with population 61,714 residents is relatively affordable as the average price is just $79.42 per square foot.

5.???????? Miami Lakes

Although, the average price per square foot is $152, but this city ranks in the top ten because the value of property has increased by 57% in just a 10 year span and vacancies have dropped to 3.6%.

6.???????? Hialeah Gardens

This place scores 9.55 in the scale of the market health score and it gives an incentive for the investors to buy a property for a quick turnaround.

7.???????? Marianna

Marianna attracts new residents because it has lowest per square foot sale price of just $61, making it ideal for real estate investors to invest in a property and reap the fruits of good returns.

8.???????? Aventura

This place is popular for the views of the Atlantic Ocean and Intercostals Waterway and therefore it is pricey in terms of per square foot which is $227. However, it attracts investments because the properties with coastal views are generally bought by the growing number of population.

9.???????? Pinecrest

Pinecrest is the second most expensive place in Miami-Dade County with average price of $269 per square foot, but it has taken the place in the list because of the expansion plans which could possibly attract more residents.

10.???????? Winter Garden

Since it is located near Orlando and ever famous Disney World, it is considered a heaven for the investors who are looking for good returns. With the population growth and low unemployment rates it all gives a green signal to property buyers and encourage them to buy investment property in Winter Garden.


The ten places above have been added to the list on the basis of price per square foot, market conditions of the particular area, home price growth, taxes and population. Wholesale Houses Fla can assist the investors and property cash buyers to locate the property and can help them to buy an estate for the purpose of investment.